Differance after 426 conversion??

Just reading some of the threads on the 426 - 450 conversion. How much of a differance is there when complete. I love my 426, but it feels to tall. Does this bring the centre of gravity down much lower? or is it not a huge differance?

I am not really all that familiar in the differances between my 00 426 and the newer model year bikes. From what I understand the new frame in 06 bikes, make them feel to have a much lower centre of gravity compared to previous years. So how much of an improvement is the conversion from 00 to 05?

So how much lower does the conversion feel? And just out of curiousity, how big a differance from the conversion to the 06/07 bikes?

Thanks guys....

Uh, what conversion are you talking about?

Sounds like he's talking about the tank/seat/plastics conversion... anyone know the answer to his question?


yes - tank/seat/plastics conversion.....guess I should have been a little more specific.....

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