Off Road Flywheel Installed

Just installed the heavier Yamaha flywheel on my 06 450. This is what I needed all along. I only ride off-road and the bike was kinda stall prone in certain situations. Much less so now. I was worried it would rev too slow but that is not the case. I have the Zip-Ty carb mod on my bike as well and the throttle response is still amazing, just less likely to stall in slow sections. I like this 100 times better than the Rekluse I had on for a little while and it only cost 104 dollars.

I just did the same thing, except I put the GYTR racing flywheel on. I added 4.8oz and changed the inertia mass from 3.8 kg-cm^2 (stock) to 4.9 kg-cm^2 : a 29% increase. The offroad flywheel you added increased the weight 9.2oz and changed the inertia mass to 6.15 kg-cm^2: a 62% increase.

The added weight definitely took the harsh edge off the Zip-Ty carb mod, which was too responsive for me, and reduced stalling by 50%. It still stalls, but not as much. I have only ridden 5 times on the 450F after switching from my 250F. I wanted more power that didn't jerk my arms off and tire me out. I think I am pretty close to that goal.

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