Advice anyone?

Hello all!

I am thinking of buying a WRF426. My financial situation being what it is, I am considering getting a secondhand one. I even found on a local newspaper a used '01 model with some 4000kms on the clock. I haven't seen it yet, I'll go on Saturday.

So, here are the questions:

What should I be aware of? What should I be paying attention to? I know this kind of bikes are bought to be thrashed so the guy who had had it previously would probably have done just that.

What can go wrong with a thrashed bike? What are the first things to go and what are the signs?

I've been thinking of getting a cheap one and saving some money for an overhaul, should the need arrise (piston, rings etc). Is this a good idea?

One final question:

I plan to use this bike on the road to and from work (about 60 miles round trip). Will this use do any harm to an otherwise good bike?

Any input/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance



The first thing I would ask the owner is how often he changed the oil and cleaned the filter.

Did he use semi-synthetic or conventional motor oil? This is the life blood of how long a bike will last.

Most times you can tell a lot about how well the fellow takes care of the machine just by looking at it. Is the dirt ground in to the metal where it is unwashable? That dosent necessarily mean he dosent do any maintenace on the bike, but everyone I know that has loved their bike has always kept it new looking. Are the fork seals leaking, wheel bearings loose, etc...

I bought my bike new in 99 and ride over some of the roughest terrain you can here in SW Missouri and some people think my bike still looks like it rolled of the showroom floor. (aside from the plastic)

Shoot, you might find one that someone bought that just got off a DR (no offense DR owners :) ) and it was too much power for them.

More than likely though if they have changed the oil frequently (every 3-4 rides) you shouldnt have to worry about pistons & cylinders and such.

The commute mileage you are planning on would concern me. 60 miles per day would be about 1200 miles per month if you work a regular schedule. That sounds like an awful lot of miles for a dirt bike. You might be better off with a DRZ400S. If you just gotta have the WR, put some loooooong gears on it for that commute.

Thanks for the advice,

I couldn't go on Saturday to see the bike, so I went today on my way to work. I saw it for about 10 mins.

My general impression (...after 10 mins) is that the bike is OK. It has seen some off road use, enough to scratch the paint on both sides of the frame above the foorpegs. Any ideas/estimation how long it takes to do this (I'm trying to guess its time used)?

Also I saw some liquid gasket (or howdyacallit) between the cam cover and the cyl head, which indicates removal of the cover. The salesperson said this is due to normal maintenance (valve adjustment). Being used to XRs, I thought that this doesn't require removal of the cover. Does it? Or is there something wrong and they are lying?

Any ideas?

I'll probably go to see it again this evening on my way home.



Taking the cover off the top of the head is normal for a number of things, valves included. The plastic gasket can get damaged if it is not handled carefully, although it is fairly resiliant and liquid gsaket is a common fix. I would not worry about it. Just check that it is 'oil tight' or you will need to replace it again. If its not oil tight you'll get a sheen of oil on the outside. Run your finger over it to check once you have been for a run - but watch out itll be hot :) !!!

Definately get the dealer to start it up and let it run for a few minutes and go for a ride on it if you havent done so already.

Wearing the paint off of the frame above the pegs is common. That is were boots rub against it. My paint was worn off after two rides.

Like has been said, the cover gets removed for valve servicing. Check the oil on the dipstick to see if it is clean. If it is dirty, I would use caution. Good quality, clean oil is what keeps these engines alive.


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