1 or 2 ??

Rear rim locks? You running 1 or 2?

running two

Rear rim locks? You running 1 or 2?

2!!!! 18" wheel has a taller tire = more rotating mass :applause: Plus you get a flat out in the middle of know where with out means of fixing it, you are more likely to get back to the truck with 2 rim locks on :applause:

Definately 2. I rode last weekend for 30 miles with a flat tire, and the tire didn't spin on the rim even a bit. The tire is trash, but it didn't spin.

I run 1 with ZERO problems. Flat tires, 120/100 tire, varying terrains, the single bead lock handles it all. The only time I use two is on my sand rim, but that's a dedicated wheel, so the tire stays on forever...SC

2 just rode out 10 miles and doubt it would have worked with only one. Tube looks ruined, but tire is still good for the last half of it's life.

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