Problem With RPM Function on Trail Tech

In installed a TT Vapor, and I can't get the tach to function properly. It continuously shows much higher than the what it actually is.

I tried changing the PPR count from 1, to 2, and even the .5 mode but still it shows far too high.

I wired the red lead for the tachometer function to the black/yellow wire directly on the coil, and then ran the black lead into the same place I grounded the power feed for the unit.

I know it is probably something simply-or at least hope it is! Can anyone offer me any advise?

I just coiled mine around the plug wire 10 times and set the ppr to 2 and mine reads great now.

plug wire wrapped 10x. I then wrapped electrical tape over that and put a small zip tie over it. It definitely won't unwrap.

Okay, I guess I will try it that way tomorrow to see if it works. Thanks for the tips.

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