Grips too long?

I just got a set of gel grips from the Honda dealer and they are about a half inch longer than stock. This means on both the clutch and throttle sides they will hang off the bars. Is this normal? :applause: If the brand is important I can go see what they are but right now I'm very comfortable on the couch:applause:

hmmm :applause: on the clutch side you could always just move the lever in a little, but if the grip is 1/2" longer than your throttle tube i dont know how to remedy that.

OK, well I searched around on the internet and I found that there are at least three different length grips out there - 4 1/2, 4 5/8 and 5 inches. Of course, mine are 5 inches and the bike obviously takes one of the shorter ones. I thought of moving the clutch lever in but then you have to cut the nub off the controls and you still have a problem with the throttle as you said. BUT, with these nice gushy gel grips I noticed that you can push them on and slightly bunch them up and the Honda glue would hold them that way. So in the end I have fatter and softer grips which is exactly what I wanted:busted: . Very little if any extra grip hangs over the end of the bars.

But keep in mind when looking for grips that the length could be an issue especially with stiffer grips.:applause:

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