756 Front and 752 Back

I'm tired of slipping and sliding in the mud every weekend. My dealer has a Dunlop 756 for the front but only has a 752 for the rear. The distributor was out of 756's. Right now most of my riding is wet woods and a lot of greasy mud. How do the 752 do in the woods? The 739 seems to pack up and never clean out.


Search around for the 756 rear...The 752 will pack as well. You could probably overnight one from MXSouth...(561)743-3288 ask for Jeff.

Bonzai :)

You may want to look into Michelin S12's for the front & rear.

I have always liked 752's and I didn't like the one set of 756's I tried. I have heard nothing but good things about the Michelines though and they are considerably less $.

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