need a new rear wheel

hey guys, I have a 04 wr450f. My brother was riding a wheelie when the rear sprocket bolts broke and destroyed the hub, sprocket, spokes, bearings, and disk brake. anybody know of where i can get a good deal on a new wheel setup. i found one at the local shop for 400.00 for a warp 9. never heard of them before so im kinda curious about the quality. thanks jake

JUst remember for the next wheel set to check those sproket bolts every ride they are notorious for loosening even with the locknuts. check the big moto shop like bto and motosports outlet, they have deal on full wheels

yep, i know. lesson hard learned. but my bros paying for so not to bad

check ebay, all WR/YZ from 99 or so and up have the same exact hubs. I run a 2000 YZ250 rim on my 450. dosn't matter which size it is. YZ125/250/450. to double check, look at parts unlimited catalog, and compare hub numbers from the different years.

and warp9 stuff holds up decently.

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