How many Miles on a Tank of Gas?

How far can I go comfortably (YZ450) on a tank of gas riding the desert? Will be a combination of wide open for periods and just messing around kinda riding.

The most I've put on the stock '03 tank (according to the guy on the XR650 who was on the ride) was 38 miles. It was a fairly easy ride, as it was the first time out after breaking both arms. We were going at a pretty good clip, but not many WOT bursts. Wasn't much left in the tank when I got back.

Rides of 25-30 miles (by GPS) are fairly typical, and we seem to be able to run pretty hard on the stock tank without getting close to running out. There's a lot of variables in something like that, of course.

I can ride for about 2 hours on a tank I think..

How far that would take me would depend on lots of things..

But I defer to greater experience.

If Gray says it is 38 miles then that is your number...

How far that would take me would depend on lots of things..
That's the key point, isn't it. I suppose one of these I could go ride around until it actually went dry, and then I'd know, but something seems flawed about that strategy.

I can see two hours. We ride for about 1 1/2-2 hours per ride, too, but what we do, and how fast we're going tends to vary a lot. The 38 mile ride included about 5 miles on a graded road at high speed in 4th, too. "Depends on a lot of things". :applause: Gives you an idea, though.

The Elsinore GP is 45 minutes per class (except for the big race), and that uses between a half and 2/3 of the stock tank. Remember that includes two runs up to the top of 4th gear on pavement per each of about 6 laps.

well, i made 60 miles on my 1.8 gallon yz450f! i was in ocotillo, i rode to superstition at a good speed averaging about quarter to half throttle, low rev. played around on the dune for about 20 minutes, with a few wide open approaches. i took it super easy the way back on pole line road to conserve gas. made it almost all the way back but ran out at 60 miles (according to GPS)

Pretty impressive. 25 mpg is something you can pretty much count on, but 33? Way to stretch it!

I have a 3.2 gal tank, but the guy next to me was riding a stock '06 YZ 450 and we made it 55 miles to where we had stashed a gas can. He was pretty close to empty. It was a mix of of high-speed desert washes, double-track, and some sections of tighter singletrack.

If I'm riding hard... 45 is pushing it ('06 stock tank)... usually closer to 40.

Riding real easy I've gone 50+... but definitely wouldn't recommend it in the desert.

My mileage is based on a Trailtech that is probably not totally dialed in... but it's a ballpark.

I have an '06 450 with a 3.2 gallon tank and ride all trails with a little of everything thrown in. I track the mileage with gps and figure out the miles per gallon pretty frequently. Its usually around 28-30. I don't ever remember it being more than 30. If I had a 1.8 gallon tank I could probably go about 54 miles before running dry with the type of riding I do.

I'd say about 30 miles per gallon. I would not risk going on more than a 50 mile ride with out some extra gas.

i got a over sized tank on my 04 450.30to 40 max on the stock tank.

I've put around 60 miles on my old 426 before it needed fuel, I haven't had the chance to push the 450 yet. I'd say 40-50 would be a safe bet, but if I was close to either of those numbers I'd be wanting to pack or stash fuel just to play it safe.

The 426 carried 0.4 Gallons more than a 450 does.

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