Bolt-on or Weld-on Damper Tower?

I have searched the archives, and hit a few websites, but still have no new info to guide me in making a decision. I bought the Ohlins (scotts) steering damper, and they were only able to supply me with a weld on tower for my WR. Has anyone got a strong argument either way about weld-on tower, or should I send away to Scotts in the US and get a bolt on one? I realise that welding is involved, but apart from that, does it interfere with the dipstick, or if you move your bar position or height at some future point, do you have to reweld the tower? The bolt on one seems to be the best option, but the local distributor say they don't have one...

I plan on pulling the bike down for a bit of work in March, so I could order one from the US and get it in time... I do plan to keep the bike for a few years, so portabilty between bikes is not an issue...

I have the universal bar mounts for my new protapers, and plan on using the stock triple clamp for a while - something else that the local distribor say they can't get... I suppose I need to have the bar more forward and should get the triple clamp as well, then get the whole thing setup once and for all...

Help me... I sometimes wish I lived in the US, so I could just cruise down the road and get anything I wanted for my bike...



Hey I just put a GPR on mine and I got a bolt on tower. It work really well I did have to trim my dipstick alittle but not a problem. The bolt ons fit Yamahas very well at least the GPR did I dont know about scotts.

I have a 98 YZ 400 with the weld on tower. Actually it is the original bolt on that bolted to the oil filler tube. It would move every ride so it was welded on by the guy i bought the bike from. I wish it was bolted on, as it is worn badly. I need to grind it off and get the bolt on. The new bolt on kits bolt around the steering head and seem to hold a lot better. If you have to get one from the states try the GPR. It is a much beefier (stronger) bolt on tower than the Scotts.

I have the bolt on type and it works great,,,alittle tight getting the dip stick passed it but not a problem,,,weld on is ok but bolt on is much easier...order one from scotts you'll be glad you did...good luck

It's a little hard to tell here but the "bolt on" stem really fits well. The dipstick is snug but it still fits nicely. The "weld-on" stem is probably more reliable in the long run though. The newer bolt-on stems are nice, they go around the steering stem as apposed to the ones that go around the filler coller. Good luck

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I agree with buffaman. Was worried about the post too. I bought the bolt-on and it works great. This is what the post they sent me looks like. It's the one listed for the 01-02 250F on Scott's page (although I have an 01 WR426).

BTW, they say to trim the rubber on the dust seal, but you don't need to do that. You can put the post on and run a thin blade around to pull the rubber seal up over the top of the clamp. Then you tap the clamp down onto the steering head and tighten it up.

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I bought the bolt on (steering stem unit), and was unhappy with it. The mount would keep slipping if I hit something hard and the damper had to "work" at keep the front end straight. No amount of epoxy of JB Weld would help. Finally the bracket bent.

Just had the weld on tower installed---GO WITH THE WELD ON UNIT!!! There is ample dipstick clearance AND you don't have to modify the upper triple clamp like the stem clamp on unit. I hear the dispstick mount unit doesn't work w/ the '00 and up bikes due to a shorter frame, but have no proof of don't take it as truth.

I haven't ridden the bike yet with the weld on (doing winter maintenance stuff), but I can tell it will work much better!!! Now I don't have to worry about keeping the bolts tight and the unit slipping (which will totally screw you over on the trail!)

Good luck!

I hear the dispstick mount unit doesn't work w/ the '00 and up bikes due to a shorter frame, but have no proof of don't take it as truth.

Mcarp, you are right my friend!!!! :)

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