Need help w/Baja Design DS kit 97 XR600r

Help! I am installing a BD classic DS kit on my 97 XR600R.The kit was for a XR 400 of same year range, so all I have are XR400 instructions. I got all lights/switches installed & working, Im just not exactly sure where to hook the BD rectifier/reg. Do you eliminate the factory AC regulator and plug into lighting coils on stator?

I have a 95...You dont use the stock AC rectifier, in fact just take it off! Use the the one that came in the baja designs kit. I would give them a call at BAJA DESIGNS they should answer your questions as well...

Thanks for reply. I got light kit hooked up and working fine (the XR400 kit didnt have FET, or pwr switch) but still works great on stock stator. Question, how do I get bar ends off (for hand guards) I have a 1 pc mirror mount that wont slip over the slightly larger end, even after prying bkt open. help?

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