650L front end rattle

I have a metallic rattle sound on the front of my bike. I don't think it's the skid plate and I'm sure it's not the engine since the sound is the same whether the clutch is in or out and it only does it on rough ground. Also, if I shake the forks back and forth when I'm off the bike I can duplicate it. There's not much to check out that moves when you shake the fork and I think I've covered everything. Think it could be one or both of the springs in the fork rattling around?

You don't have anything hanging from your key by any chance?

Excellent question! That's another rattle:busted: Even without the keys it does it. It's not loud at all and I only notice it at low speeds and without my earplugs in.

I just delt with that one after I added a key to one of those disc brake locks to my bike key. Real hard plastic,sounds nasty.

Put the bike up on a crate or stand (get the weight off the front end) and slowly turn the steering back and forth and note if there's any notchiness towards the center. If there is, your steering head bearings are on the way out.

Thanks for the help Gregman, but it's only got 320 miles on it so far. I'm pretty sure it's a spring since even my son finds it hard to pinpoint. When your ear is toward the top it sounds like it's coming from the bottom and vice versa. No biggie, I just thought if it was a common thing someone would know for sure. BTW, I should have entitled this thread "front end tinkling sound" but it didn't sound manly.

You might check the clutch lever --mine rattles, and with the stock exhaust is pretty loud.

when i had mine, the clutch and brake levers drove me nut from the noises they made.

I checked the levers, but I'm still suspicious of them. I'll double check.

I have the same thing! I can never find it though. I have it most when I cross a bumpy surface like railroad tracks or something like that. It sounds as though there is something loose. But cant find anything.

Aha! I'm not nuts! Well, maybe just a little:bonk:

Mine also rattles. I think it is coming from the speedo cluster. When I put my hand on it while riding it seems to stop or soften the noise.

The instrument cluster is where my ear always gravitates, but as I mentioned, when I put my ear there it immediately sounds like it's coming from down the forks somewhere. That's why I think it's the spring(s).


My cross bar on my handlebar was making noise until I tightened it. Just another suggestion.

Put the bike up on a stand and take the front wheel off. See if it's still there. Your springs should not rattle at all since theoretically they are under some tension all the time. If they aren't you'll have a sloppy front end feel on choppy bumps where the front end comes off the ground a bit periodically. Could be part of your headlight assy. or the horns loose, or something in your bars?? Beat the hell out of it on a nasty trail and see what breaks....

When I went to take my front wheel off to install rim locks, most of the four screws that hold the bracket for the axle bolt were loose. I'm glad I found out when I did!

Amen to that!

You need a louder exhaust.

You need a louder exhaust.

just turn up the radio!:)

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