Quick question on 426 fork oil level....

Yeah, yeah, I searched the bazillion threads on the subject, but I still need some help ASAP. My forks are sitting on the bench and I wanna ride tomorrow in the AM!

I'm 210lbs with stock front forks and using 5w oil. I ride singletrack with lots of roots and square step-ups. I don't really ever race on a track and only jump the usual trailside obstacles. Maybe 5 feet of air maximum.

What do you recommend for a fork oil level? I'm thinking of around 100mm????

That's where I used to run the '03 fork. You might even try it a little lower, maybe 110-115. The minimum is 130, as I recall.

Sounds about right max should be 90mm and lowest is 120mm. Hope that helps.

Actually, it's 80-150mm for the '03 according to the manual. Look it up for your specific year model.

Thanks for the replies. Forgot to mention the year (it's an 01)

I went with 100mm and wow what a difference. Not sure what stock level was but the seals were leaking and I only got maybe 250ml of old oil out of each fork when I drained them. It took just under 1 litre to top both tubes up to 100mm. HUGE difference in the pounded out single track and whoops. I think I forgot what suspension was:crazy: It's a little soft on the flat landings but the plushness and control on the rest makes up for it.

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