FMF megabomb?

I just purchased a new 07yz450f. A friend can get me a new megabomb for around 200 which is at least 100 lower than retail. I currently have stock exhaust. MY questions are 1. should I take up the offer? and 2. will I have to rejet to eliminate the current hesitation my bike has when getting on the gas? Thanks for you time everyone.

i have an 06, do you want that bike more powerful? i had a powerbomb on my crf450 and it was sick. put the money into the suspension and tires, some higher bars. oh... new chain.

Recently installed the Megabomb on my 07 and stayed with the stock silencer. It did give additional powerspread throughout although nothing dramatic. It also quietens the bike even more. I did not have to rejet on my bike. I also have the Boyseen Accel. Pump Cover on my bike which many have expressed doubts in. I do not have any hesitation when getting on the throttle with the exception if I'm just being totally lazy and come out of the corner in just too high of a gear. So draw your on conclusions from this, but for the price you stated, it would be hard for me to pass up the MegaBomb for$200.00. I paid full price at around $315.00. Also if I was not so timid about removing and mailing off my carburetor to ZipTy Racing this appears to be one of the best modifications for the buck, $100.00. I would think that the MegaBomb in conjunction with the ZipTy carb. mod. would be an ideal combo.

I'm mainly concerned with off-idle throttle response as yamaha's seem to have a little hesitation in that area. It's important that I fix this because this bike is going to be used on tight technical tracks in the upcoming months. Suspension is being done right now. I left my stock chain on like an idiot and it's wearing my sprockets down. I'm just going to save up and get a higher quality chain/sprocket set at the end of the month. What exactly does ZipTy do to the carb? for $100?

According to everyone who has done the modification it is amazing.It supposedly eliminates all hestitation and dramatically cleans up throttle response. Look up related topics to ZIPTY RACING and read what they say.I have not personally read anything negative about it.

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