handlebar vibe fix

Sick of numb fingures. I squirt expanding foam inside the stock bars, wraped some self sticking rubber tape near the clamps on the bars and i rode all day on the roads yesterday w/no numb fingers. If you try this just take off the grips, squirt, cut off excess and there you go.

that is ingenious! thanks for the tip!:applause: :applause: :p :p :p

can you show a pic of the tape? is it in the clamp holding the bar?

Great Idea!

I found that the Acerbis bark busters and Renthal 7/8" bars have near zero vibration also. I believe my reduction in vibration is primarly due to adding weight to the bar ends to change the harmonics of the bars.

that makes sense. i add weight to certain items on vehicles to change/reduce NVH(noise/vibration/harshness) on toyotas that i work on.

This is one of the primary reasons many street bikes have the large weights screwed into the end of the handlebars.

I found that aluminum bars, in general, had lower vibration levels, especially with solid mount handguards.

I don't have any pictures but the tape is on the bars on the outside of the bar clamps. i just wraped it around a couple times, don't really notice it. I think the foam does the most but a little hear and there adds up.

thanks timothypg. i did the expanding foam tonite but havent ridden it yet. that s*** expanded more than i thought into my throttle grip but i just cleaned it out. im looking forward to no more dumb/numb fingers! thanks again for the idea!:applause:

Another vibration-reducing concept I have come across is using shot in the bars. Birdshot, buckshot, or a combination of shot sizes---supposedly the lead shot dampens, and adds mass/weight to the bars which is a known vibration aid.

Good thing about lead shot is that it is inexpensive, available, and easily 100% removable/adjustable.

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