Stiff rear shock!

Rode the bike a few times this season and noticed that the rear suspension was very stiff. I turned the compression adjuster in the soft direction and no difference... I have never worked on a rear shock before. If disassembly is required I would like the experience. Could this be as simple as filling with nitrogen. Does this problem sound familiar to anyone? Thanks for any input...

BTW it is an 01 yz426

Usually when the adjuster makes no difference it means the fluid has turned into jelly from lack of maintenance.

Send your shock to a good suspension tuner for a rebuild.

I am going to give it a shot, can't be too difficult.

I agree with 642MX about getting your shock serviced, oil changed, new seals and filled with nitrogen. I would also check your sag, clean and regrease all of your shock linkages.

OK here is what it was. Needle bearings in the relay arm were completely gummed up and rusted. Cleaned them up and regreased. Like new again...:thumbsup: Now I am ready to ride!

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