clarke tank and seat

I just installed my new clarke 3.3 gal tank and seat. It seems like a pretty good fit although the seat has wrinkles in after being put on the bike. Did anyone else have the same thing happen? also did you install the rubber gasket that came with the tank (for the petcock) as well as leaving the o ring in the petcock base in its place? One more thing, who added a second petcock or just kept the one? sorry for the double post boys and girls (itchy trigger finger)



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i had the clark tank and the IMS seat.

i had one slight ripple but i daren't mention it in the showers with the rest of the lads you know!! (does my bum look big in this?)

the tank is great. i used ring and gasket i think.


thanks Taffy


As I recall, the (extra) flat gasket is in case you decide to use the kick starter side for your petcock (pet-cock?) hmm somthing don't sound right>. Anyway, that gasket is for the flat block-off plate that bolts up to the pre-drilled holes for stock unit. I just ran orig O-ring. Directions had a template for this block-off..Hope this helped.


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