2007 YZ450F Jardine RT5 Exhaust Ride Report

I purchased a Jardine RT5 Exhaust system this past week and got to try it out this weekend. It bolted up with little effort and looks great(I will try and get a picture posted later this week)>

When I first started the bike up after installation I was pleasantly surprised. It was louder then stock but not as bad as I thought it would be. This system really wakes the bike up. It doesn't add that much to the bottom, however, the bike pulls a lot harder in the midrange and on top. My brother has the same bike as I do and after he rode it all he could say was "wow"!

I contacted ZipTy for their recommendation on Jetting where I ride (Lucerne Valley, CA about 3000ft above sea level). Their recommendations are as follows:

Main: 168

Pilot: 48

Needle: Stock

Clip Position: Stock

Leak: Stock

With this jetting and this exhaust, the bike ran better then it ever has. I am very happy with the power and the fact it has a spark arrestor. I purchased it for $509 at afterburnermx.com which isn't that bad for the muffler and the head pipe IMO.

Sounds like a great purchase!

is it 500 dollars better?

For me, it was totally worth it. I got a lot more power, a cleaner running bike, and a spark arrestor.

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