XR650R year changes?

ok i thought they changed from the All Red seat, to the Red And Black seat in 2002. Is that true? I wanta look for one with the Red & Black cause it just looks awsome. Any other mods poeple can tell me about besides graphics?


true 2002 for black and red set

2000/2001 have an older style clutch bushing and countershaft seal. Both are cheap parts to replace. Other than that, I think they are all the same mechanically.

California bikes are different from the rest due to emissoins. The carburetor ID# is PE78B for a California bike and PE78A for a non-California bike. I don't think you can notice a difference after uncorking the bike.

2002 1/2 and some 2003 have a thicker right side case half. Honda was tring to reduce engine noise. 2005 on some if not all have smaller compression valve port holes in the forks. I have seen different shims and washers in the fork valve setups but, they don't seen to be nailed done to one year. Little things that make little difference.

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