Water pump issues

I decided to rebuilt the water pump on my 1999 YZ400F. I got the right crank case off and disassembled the water pump and I started to take out the oil seal and the bearing and everything came out ok but I had a problem getting the new oil seal in so I started to punch it in and the seal just fell apart. I mean the seal just ripped into two pieces.

I know I did not install int correctly.....Does anybody know how to get that seal in... I mean does anybody have a way to punch the seal in without messing up the seal????

Any help would make my life a lot easier

Thanks everybody!!!!!

Patrick M.

Install the seals with the lip (spring side) facing toward the fluid each will seal against; the oil seal facing in toward the crank, and the coolant seal out toward the impeller.

To drive the seal, use a tubular object of as large a size as will freely fit the bore where the seal sits (sockets are often used) and seat the seal with the driver and a hammer. Walking them in with any kind of a punch is usually a good way to screw them up.

I just did my water pump on my 99 400f and I used a socket that was the same size as teh seal and put an extension on it and proceeded to drive it in the housing until it seated. It is actually pretty easy but make sure that you are seating it square and not on an angle. Hope it works out. Need anything give me a yell

I just replaced my seals last week! Spring side of the seal on the fluid side. I just pushed the seal in with my fingers! with a little grease it will go right in!

thanks for all the help!!!!!

Unfortunately, the local Yamaha part store has to order the seal so I am stuck until the seal (plus some other things) shows up!!!!

thanks again for all the help, The service book sucks and i think the service book managed to tell me the wrong thng!!!:applause: :applause:

I will report back with my progress!!!!

I swear thumper talk is better than my service book:thumbsup:

Patrick M.

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