Turn Signals

Hey guys, got a WR400 03 registered been told its an 03 year (uk version, kick only) its currently roadlegaland I am thinking of putting on some turn signals, can someone advise me as to what I would need for this, obviously other than the indicators themseleves i.e. flasher unit etc.



Just been looking round on the internet and can someone also tellme the difference between a flasher unit thatwould come standard with a bike and an item such as this


or would the above work in making the indicators flash as opposed to just being constantly on when the switch is flicked?

If your not planning on putting LED's on your bike, you just need a generic 12 volt fl/relay which is very inexpensive and place an in line fuse of about 4amps in the line to the relay. I just made my 2005 wr450 into a road legal bike, It's awesome.:applause:

Cool mate, sounds simple enough, what would I need extra to the relay if I wanted to put LED's on or is it something that replaces the standard relay?

Look like the unit you show in the link will work with LEDs. Just put it in the circuit in place of a regular relay.

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