Any spare stock exhaust tips out there: 650r?

I was wondering if anyone had a spare stock exhaust tip out there they might be willing to part with?

It doesn't matter if the inner baffle has been drilled out yet or not.

In a moment of poor judgement I cut the screen off mine with the thought of just putting a flat screen

over the inside of the hole. But man is that thing louder now. I am going for a ride next weekend

and would like to be able to at least quiet it down to what the drilled tip was.

If you have an HRC tip you would like to get rid of I would be interested in that also...depending on the asking price.


I might have the stock tip lying around somewhere... I'll take a look next time I head home...

That would be great, thanks a lot. PM if you find it, and want to sell it.


I have the complete stock exhaust available to you if you like. I am in California.

Let me know, I am willingto part with it.

Thanks for the reply, would you be willing to just get rid of the tip? Or maybe the tip and the can, mine is dented.

Either way, feel free to PM your asking price for the parts or the whole unit, and i'll let you know if there in my price range.

(The wife has limited my spending till I get the bathroom done and her a bike).

Thanks again!

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