bk timing

Just did the Bk mod. Got the carb back on. Have the squirt duration to about .5 seconds or less. Cannot get the timing to adjust. It always seems to squirt when the slide is half way up.

I have tried all the way in and all the way out. I can't really tell a difference. Maybe I am not doing the timing thing right.

Which direction quickens the squirt in relation to the slide, clockwise or counter-clockwise?

Also, do you measure it with a quick twist of the throttle or a slow twist?


Dan :)

How quickly you twist the throttle shouldn’t matter. Well, I guess it could. Here’s the answer: you have to twist it quick enough to ensure that the slide pulley is getting out of the way of the pump arm mechanism quickly enough to allow it to operate.

Turning the small screw right up against the slide pulley alters the timing of the pump relative to the slide position. In is more delay, out is less, and ¼ turn is a lot.

Hope this helps.

Reply to this thread if it doesn’t.

Thank you,

The squirt doesn't hit the slide at anytime no matter where I set the screw, from all the way in to all the way out. I can only see a diference of about 1/4 throttle, min to max. If you are saying 1/4 turn of the screw is a lot well then my screw is inop cause I just don't see much difference.

The throttle stop works great. There 1/8 of a turn is definitely a lot. I am just gonna run with the squirt starting at 1/3 throttle cause that is the best I can get.

I can tell the difference in throttle response just with the bike on the stand. I can't wait to go ride it.

Thanks again,

Dan :)

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