01 yz 250 w/ 04 yz 450 shock

i bought my 250 2stroke last spring off of ebay and have had nothing but trouble with my rear shock bottoming....(hitting the rear fender)....i picked up a shock off a o4 yz 450.....put a new 5.3 spring on it. ran the compression clicker all the way in....and it still hits the fender on some jumps....and they are not by any means BIG jumps.....i have set the race sag w/o my gear on....just regular clothing....i know....your supposed to do it with all your riding gear on.....could that just be the problem.???? does the gear add that much more weight to your bike....??? any suggestions would be appreciated....thanks

Have you picked up your gear bag lately? :applause:

How much do you weigh?

Why ask about your YZ in this forum?

i weigh 190 w/o gear

190 is just over the weight range for stock spring rates, but 5.3 should be heavy enough if the shock is working right. Maybe a rebuild is in order.

If the previous owner was exceptionally short, he may have lowered the subframe a little, too.

I have that same set up and with an OHLINS YZF450 04 shock. IT iS SHORTER! I guess setting race sag with gear on will make a difference of anything up to 5-10mm which will effect ride height but full compression is full compression. I think hitting the guard isn't that big a problem(I read that The Goats Suzuki did that with the lowered subframe. It's just where in the stroke is the bike sitting on riding.? Maybe a revalve and regas service is in Order...I'm considering that.

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