1st ride report yz400f/hot cams

well fellow riders, I did the "hot cams" exhaust cam update to my 400 a couple of weeks ago and finally got a chance to give it a real live test ride.

thanks to grayracer for talking me thru the change and also talk me out of putting the old cam and cable/lever back in after the first day.I thought the manual decomp was no big deal, and I would not really like the change to the auto, I am kinda old and set in my ways. But it is a great mod for these bikes.

It will now bump start if you "happen" to shut it off while riding, and starting in tight trail situations is way easier. On my bike, the low end abrupt hit is gone. The low to mid range power is much more usable. And I never seem to use the top end power. It is still a 400 and starts like a big 4 stroke, but not having to jack with that lever is worth every penny, to me anyway.

It also gives me more room for the new zip-ty remote hot start.



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