200 watt stators

Looking to get a 200 watt stator but not sure what one to get! I don't want to rewind mine just buy new.. I'm looking at a Ricky Stator and electro sport stator(i think thats what it's called).. Any thoughts on these stators, Pros & Cons on both.... Can I run 200 watts on a Baja Designs regulater/ rectifier? Do I have to buy a special reg/rec, which one? I'm puting it on a XR600R Dualsport, any info is appriciated.. Thanks

I bought the 200w ricky stator and was happy with it. It comes with directions

and you can either wire seperate 100w+100w or combine both wires for a single 200w. I used the baja design rectifier ..no problem

Did you cobine both wires to to reg/rec for 200 watts? Thanks

You know it was a couple of years ago, and I can't remember the exact connections I made. But, the directions are easy to follow that comes with ricky stator. Just follow the directions

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