front fork oil height question?

I took my forks to the dealer to fix a blown seal after 200miles of riding and they filled the oil to 145 mm instead of 135 mm. Not good for a 150lb rider :)

Now, I need to remove 10 mm of oil.

Are there any easy ways to do this?

thanks in advance! :D

No, you need to add 10mm of oil. When they give a measurement, it is the amount if space between the top of the oil and the top of the fork tube. And personally, I feel 135mm is a bit on the low side. I'd add about 20ccs per leg and see how it works. You're controlling bottoming resistance with the oil height.

You can add oil through the air bleed screw hole in the fork caps with a syringe. Try an infant medicine syringe (available at your local drug store for about $2).

OH! I didn't even notice that it was from the top. I just assumed it would be from the bottom. :D

Cool, I don't have to mess with it.

It doesn't bottom out in the front (its always about an 1.5"-1" away). Even when I endo into a big whoop wrong. It rides perfect in the whoops and jumps, but does chitty in the choppy little bumps and the front washes out quick. Then again, I'm a novice rider, maybe it's me. Any advice? :)

Sounds like you might want to back off a little on the compression damping. If its skimmin over the tops of the quick choppy stuff. This also may help you use up that last 1.5" of travel. Most people set them to bottom on the major impacts. Otherwise maybe a little bit lighter on the spring too.

Two things. Back off on the rebound clicker a few clicks and put a decent tire on the front.

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