Correct Excell rear rim

I just laced up a new Excell rear rim on a stock hub. It is a #FES418. It looks like the spokes are bending right at the nipple as if the holes were drilled wrong.

I have seen different part numbers list. Has anybody else seen this. It is to be are "swap" wheel at the BAJA 500 and don't want it to come apart.

Thank You very much! I knew it looked wrong and the part # checked out right. I am real suprised there is not some note on the rim or in the box?

Yea I agree a sticker, arrow, or instruction something. Maybe they used up the sticker budget with the proper care and cleaning instructions label.

After reading to motochris thread I looked on the Excel website and it also said "Stamp on LH side". Luckily I found this info before I laced a set up a set of Excels on my XR, because I know I would have had it the wrong way.....Murphy's Law

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