'98 WR400F counter shaft seal leak

Hey guys, It looks like I've been struck by the leaky seal gremlin. Last week my fork seals started leaking. I got new seals/bushings, put them in, and started the bike and let it warm up before I took it for a spin. I went back into the garage to grab my helmet and come out to a puddle of oil under the bike. Upon closer inspection I saw it was coming from behind the sprocket. So, I push the bike in the garage, took the sprocket off, and popped the seal out. Everything looked alright, no dirt, no grooves in the shaft or that little spacer. So, I go to the dealer and picked up a new seal, put it in, and put the sprocket and chain back on. I started the bike back up to warm it up and it wasn't leaking. So, I took it for a ride and by the time I got to the end of my street the counter shaft seal was leaking again.

What am I doing wrong? I checked the oil and it wasn't over filled. I also checked to see if the crankcase breather was blocked. I found a breather hose that I could feel a consistent flow of air coming out of, but I'm not sure if it was the crankcase breather. I also checked to see if the chain was too tight, which it wasn't. I have no idea what it could be. Could it be the spacer on the shaft? Maybe I put the seal in wrong? What do you guys think?? This is driving me crazy, so any help/suggestions ate appreciated. Thanks!!

the only thing I can think of is that maybe you put teh seal in wrong. I replaced mine about a year and a half ago and I seem to remember a front and back, but Not 100% sure.

There is a front and a back. I have it in the right way. I searched the forum a little and I read something about an o-ring that is supposed to be on the shaft (I couldn't see any on my bike). Is this supposed to be on the inside of the bearing (inside the cases) or on the outside(more towards the sprocket)? Thanks!

How tight was your chain?

Your chain gets tighter as it moves to 180 degrees with your front sprocket.

It may seem ok but have someone sit on it , then check it.

A chain that is too tight will put unwanted stess on the front counter shaft.

It's not the chain, I took that and the sprocket off and started the bike. It still leaks...

There's an o-ring that goes around the countershaft in addition to the seal. That o-ring can get kinked or torn and that would cause a leak. I can't remember if the o-ring is replaceable without removal of the shaft meaning splitting the cases.

you can remove the o-ring without splitting the cases. i went to the local hardware store and found th closest i could to the oem o-ring (which was pretty beat up). It still leaks a little bit, but a lot less than before. So, it looks like I'll have to order the o-ring through a dealer. thanks for your help guys...

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