Suspension revalving advice

OK, I'm wanting to improve the suspension on my '01 YZ426 and was thinking about getting Gold Valve kits for it and doing it myself. Since looking into it a little more and finding shops for Race Tech, MX-Tech and FCR in Canada, I'm considering whether to send the forks and shock to one of them to get the work done.

Does anyone who has dealt with any of them have recommendations(preferably with the Canadian shops in particular)? Is it worth the extra expense to get it done by a good shop rather than doing it myself? I am fairly mechanical, so the work itself is not the problem, but I don't have a lot of experience analyzing how well the suspension is working. How good are the instructions and tech help from Race Tech at helping you get it dialed in right?

I'll appreciate any help and advice. Thanks.

Unless you have the time and patience to re-do them a few times I would send them off. Race Tech gets you in the ball park is all and they also remove the mid-valve stack in the forks which I do not like to do. The stock pistons with the correct set up is the way to go in my opinion.

I should mention that I do have a spare set of forks and a shock so I can have the time to send them away or do it myself without having to rush.

Anyone else who has dealt with these companies and has any comments on how they liked the work that was done and/or help with any issues after?

i did the race tech thing myself and it was a small improvement.. on my last three bikes ive had pro action revalve my suspension. and i think its awsome!!! Better to let a pro do it. i am pretty good with the wrench, but the valve stacking takes a pro and lots of trial and error...

My 2 cents


That was one of the concerns I had was that I'm not near any of the shops so I would need to send the suspension to them each time if I needed further work/adjustments done on them.

I have not had good luck with Goldvalves...way to stiff for me :ride:

The best advice I can give you is find a reputable suspension tuner in your area. Ask the bike shops and dealers that you know or racers in your area. Why "in your area" because it will take several testing times to dial it in correctly.....a local tuner works the best for this. Not bashing sending your stuff off, but it is to their specs not yours. And I have done both...:)

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