01 YZ426 Cluch Problem

Just purchased a 01 YZ426, the cluch pull is very hard. Is this common. Went for a wood ride and my hand sore.

It's not an easy pull but it's not that stiff either. Try adjusting the lever position, you may have it to far from the grip for your hand size and the extra pull is causing the discomfort. Back out the adjuster so it hangs a bit looser and this should help. Also for woods riding gear down to 13/50 and you won't to use the clutch as much and it really pulls hard in tight conditions..

I drilled out my clutch lever to move the position that the cable locks into, giving more leverage when the lever is pulled. There is also a longer actuater arm available, (01 or 02? not sure which year is longer than 00). I found that the lever modification made a big differance.....much better than before....

try lubing your cable

lube your cable and try a 400f clutch arm. its longer than the 01. made mine pull like a 250 two stroke:thumbsup:

Replace the cable. Its probably frayed somewhere causing the hard pull.

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