Race tech Gold Valves

I'm going to go this route to improve, but not spend too much $.

Just wondering how everyone that are using these are liking them?

also how long does it take Approx? I just found an indoor mx park in Dunville CANADA.. about an hour from me... And I'm jones'in to ride!

i have installed Moto-Pro Max Valves in my forks and it was a pretty simple job. The instructions were good(with nice pictures). :) made a world of difference in the front and seemed to help the back also? Another hour of work over the normal for seal replacement. Best $130 spent on the bike. Plan on doing the back end soon. Good luck in your rebuild.

I was hooked up by GNCCYZ400 :D Ebay.. race tech rear gold valve! Help from local shop, good deal on G.V. kit for the front!

Anybody with experiance on the Gold Valves?

any input is appreciated. :)


I noticed a godd but not a huge difference. I weigh 163 and I found the stock forks to be a little harsh (of course I was coming from a DR350). So I went with a Race Tech Gold Valve on forks and shock. I also dropped to a .43 spring from the stock .46. (The 5.0 rear spring was right on for my weight). I found the bike to be so much more controlable after I did this.

The way it was explained to me was the RT valves have bigger holes to allow more oil to flow through them. But I compared them to the stock WR valves and there was very little difference. Maybe in the older bikes the difference would be bigger but the WR is a performance bike. The springs would make a bigger difference the valves. My opinion anyway.

I have made myself a promise. If I ever get a new bike (and I'm talking KTM 520), the only thing I am going to invest in is the steering damper. I've wasted so much money on this thing and all I ever needed was the damper. That said, I probably would not do it again though.

Adam, the Gold Valves *can* make a huge difference if installed correctly and you use a good shim stack. Don't use RT's recommendation. It'll be too stiff.

Thank you! thats what I'm curious about. 1 week and I can start trying to tune them. :)

I'm lucky that I have lots of shapes and sizes of vice jaws (Or I'll mill my own :D ) and the time on "lunch" or government time to get them done quickly,I hope.

Thanks again!

E-mail me when you're ready to assemble them. I'll give you a decent shim stack to try.

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