how many miles can a DR650 expect to turn

what's the average life expectancy of a stock DR650 being ridden on the street and highways? before the motor or trans has to be overhauled...

20,000 miles? 50,000 miles? I have no idea

Excellent question!! I use mine as a daily commuter and put a little over 11k miles on it since I bought it last year in April. Hopefully it will last at least 40k or 50k before any serious overhauls.

I plan on disabling my odometer so it'll never know it's tired, and will last forever.

It's my only bike now, so it'll see at least 10 K per year...hopefully reports of a few in the 40-50K range with no major overhauls were true.

I understand they can go well over 100k....

Check out my pics of my 93 dr 650 in the DR section. Subject is something like pics of broken timing chain.

So that bike lasted to 29,139 on the odometer. I think I'll do a rebuild and see how much I can get of it.

My 2004 has 37,000 miles on it and it's running like a top. My only issues in 37k miles have been a shift shaft seal, headlight bulb, chain & sprockets once. Oh, also rear wheel bearings. Otherwise it is an anvil. In fact I'm heading out on a long trip in 2 weeks on it. I expect it'll run a long time to come....

Now I know how doctors feel when the patient asks how long they'll live. Even the best guess is just that; a guess. I have a good feeling about mine and I take care of it so it will likely run about 400,000 miles.

Of course a friend of mine never drank or smoked and croaked at 39. I drink and used to smoke and I eat crap for food and the doctor thinks I'm lying based on my blood work.

Best guess is that the DR engine is low stressed and overbuilt and should be a strong runner for a long time. Buy a KTM or other thoroughbred and the manual tells you to figure a top end every year or so.

A fully stock one is under about as much stress as a well built generator motor...(almost none).

It's all about it's care and maintainance.. barring a bonehead move from the owner,a DR will probably never die.. I've seen some crazy odometers.. (72000) and sounded,well broken in, shall we say... but ran great

I put 65,000km's on a pre '96 Model without a problem and I reckon the the newer ones are put together even better.


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