WRF450 vs CRF450X in Cali

Newbie here, I currently ride a 2004 CRF450R (duck & cover) but I want to upgrade to a "green sticker" bike to increase the season to 12 months here in California. I plan to ride in the mountains with my son and I had a question concerning the smog removal process on the WRF450. Can the AIS be blocked or is the fix simply to remove it entirely? Once removed, will I get hassled by the rangers and told to park the bike?:applause: I believe the CRF450X just blocks the AIS stuff but the equipment is left on the bike so it would not be obvious to a ranger.

Thanks for any help with this.:applause:

Mine is removed on my wr450, but as I understand it, it doesn't hamper performance in anyway.

If I had known that they would potentially check for the stuff, I would have kept mine on.

To answer your question, I think that you should be able to block it off at the places where you would normally plug the holes. Then you'd just carry an extra 5lbs of stuff on your bike which would not be noticeable.

So the main reason to take the AIS stuff off is to save weight, there really isn't any performace gain (other than what you get by reducing the weight)?

Of course since my fat a$$ is carrying 220lbs, any weight loss would be beneficial...

Has anyone been hassled by any rangers at Gorman or Big Bear about removal of smog stuff??

You can disable it without removal so it will pass a visual from Woodsy Owl the eco-Nazi. How? I don't know...SC

Just remove the smog stuff and forget about it! You can allways stash it some where in the garage if you think you may want to put it back on some other day. You will end up having many years of hassle free (as far as not having smog equipment goes) ridding. Then, one day you will stumble upon the old smog stuff and wonder why you didn't toss it in the trash years ago.

I kept the smog stuff from my XR. Like so much of the other junk in my garage that I'll never use again, sooner or later I ask my self why? Then I finally throw it away. I'm a semi pack rat.

Look at it this way, you have been ridding mountain roads for years, have you ever been "smog equipment checked" on the trail? Neither have I, we both know the answer to that question.

Now, I have been check for old sparkie, registration, and heard of noise test, but never a smog equipment check. The guys that have the authority to enforce this stuff don't get trained for every bike that comes off the show room floor. How would they know what is suposed to be there or not? Registration, spark arrestors, and noise issues are standard issues with all bikes. It's easy to enforce thoes rules and a monkey can be trained to do so. Proper smog equipment identification, for a multitued of different makes and models of bikes, would take specialized training. I'm sure their not conserned about takining it that far.

Are you ridding where your not suposed to be, ridding like an unsafe jack ass, not wearing the right helmet (foot ball helmet?), ridding double, don't have the proper registration (red/green sticker), pipe to loud, certified spark arrestor, drunk off your ass? No to all the above, I bet all you will hear is have a good day!

It's just political feel good crap to get the bike green sticker aproved, get rid of it. If you have a street bike with that stupid sticker by the gas cap, get rid of that also, LOL.


Leave it on. It doesnt affect performance and rangers at Hollister and Carniege have been known to check for it.

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