New Chain Help - Installation

OK Guys, I need to pick your brains a bit.

I've recently purchsed a new chain and sprockets for my 02 YZ426. I went with a 14/50 setup and a 120 link chain with a master link. I'm still learning new things all the time and I've figured out I need to remove some links in the chain.

I counted the old chain that came off the bike and it has 113 links, with the stock 14/49 setup.

2 questions: 1) How to I remove the necessary links, with a chain breaker, grinder..any ideas? 2) Anyone have this setup and know how many links they have on their chain.

A buddy told me I need to add or subtract links based on how many teeth my sprockets have so I'm wanting to make sure I do this right the 1st time so any help would be greatly appreciated!


Eric:ride: :applause: :applause:

The stock chain length for my '99 WR400 is 114 links with a 14/50 sprocket combo. That would be the appropriate length for your bike, too.

If you have a chain breaker, use that. Otherwise use a grinder/dremel tool.

Thank for the response! I have a grinder and a vice so I think I'll try to grind 1st and use a punch to push out the pins. I also agree that 114 links is correct.

Thanks again!

you can definitely do that. i use a dremel and a motion pro chain tool.

i'm all for saving some bucks, but the chain tool has been a really nice investment. especially if you have more than one bike in the family.


Thanks for the help. I was able to grind down the 6th link to end up with 114. I then punched out the pins and was able to get my new chain installed! New sprockets and chain are installed and good to go.

Thanks for the help!


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