One very cool XR600R....

Can't beat the look of those black excels. Very nice bike and looks well maintained. Why didn't you get it again?

My wife has placed a spending embargo on me until we finish our backyard. I'm in the middle of putting a pool in, along with landscaping and 350 linear feet of permiter fencing. She's worried that we are going to run out of money and I will have to use my "bike" money to finish the project.

I'm looking for either a 650L or a DSed 600R to ride back and forth to work and to blitz some of the canyon trails I have just south of my new house. This one would be perfect.

If this one came along at the end of the summer I would be all over it.

I was going to ask why not go with a 650R but I see you already have one. Have you considered DSing it?

The 650R I have now is for racin.

I actually had an 03 and an 05 650R at the same time for awhile. I just sold the 03. I roached it out and was going to give it an easy retirement and DS it but you can't DS green sticker bikes in California anymore. You have to find bikes that were already D.S.ed prior to a deadline set a couple years ago.

I kinda want a 600R with a kit and a plate because I never had a XR600R. Plus they are considered "uncool" by the ignorant masses so you can find them for decent price if you're looking in the "need a older bike to get milk and the occasional semi-legit trail blitz," price range.

Looks like it's way more dirtable than the XR650L. This one looks in better shape than anything you'll find at a later date. It's nicely modded too. If you can't get a 650R plated than this is probably the next best thing. You know you want it...:applause:

Can't buy it. Have embargo on spending. Can't buy anything until embargo is lifted. Plus she just decided she wanted a salt clorinator for the pool. That's $1800 non-budgeted bucks spent in a ten minute conversation...

Too bad she wears the pants. Kidding. Well thanks for posting the pics anyways. If I was in cali and couldn't get my 650R plated I'd snatch this up.

naw, she does wear the pants. she is smarter than me, has more education, and makes more money... which is all fine with me. :)

There's no shame in being a boy toy. I aspire to be one actually. How much was the guy asking anyways? Just go find another one in the fall and budget a little extra to make it as nice as this one. I'd change the grips, put the same tank but in red on it, add some OEM tank graphics, and maybe ditch the fork guards. That would make this bike perfect for me.

check out my garage you can do what i did for 2400

I have a roached out CA Licensed 2000 XR650R that I will be putting up for sale shortly. My helmet broke the tail lights (blinker and brake) on the last set of hill climbs. Right now I'm weighing the benefits of new plastic and tires for selling. Its the one in my avatar picture.

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