Pro-taper Question

Anybody have the woods high (or cr) or KX high bars? If so how tall are you? I'm looking for higher bars.

I'm tired of being hunched over when I stand up. I've already lowered the pegs and I think I have the Yz highs now. I can't remember I have CRS.

thanks Tom

I think the Doug Henry or Jimmy Button models are about the tallest. Unfortunately, Answers web site sucks and has no information.

Both of these sheets are from MX south



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there is now an even newer higher pro-taper called the pastrana freestyle high. ordered them today.


Thumper-Racing bar risers is an option.

Someone on here added longer bolts to there perches and jacked them up with the TOP of a set of perches.

Make a spacer for underneath your perches and use longer bolts.

Move your bars forwards. Some perch bases can be reverse to gain a 1/3 inch forward.

Tall seat : Guts Racing.

Pastrana bend were 'withheld' for sale a few months ago due to a manufacturing 'error'. You may want to check this is history.

One thing on PRO-Tapers compared to standard bars....they are STIFF. I am not sure I will stick with mine as I have had wrist ache from this the last few rides. They are brutal. Anyone who hangs on with a death grip will hate these bars. I dont have this death grip problem, never get arm pump but I am far from convinced of the comfort of this style of bar.

I did the pegs, new triples (further forward), perch spacer, tall seat, tall bar with less sweep than I had (Oshiro-some french brand of pro-taper). Its a different bike..far more comfortable.

Pastrana freestyles; 4.9" tall, 30.5"wide. I am ordering them soon. :)

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