Need some clarification on something: My bike came with an owners manual that is not as detailed as I would like given my mechanical abillty. Is there a shop manual that the Yamaha dealers use in doing service work that is different and more detailed than the owners manual? I have also heard the term "service manual" used in my search for this question? As I understand it, the shop manual that I priced at the dealer costs $60 and is the most detailed manual available. I have seen links posted on this site to the Yamaha site for owners manuals only. Not sure what a service manual is though? Probably the same as an owners manual right? E-bay has books/cd's on there but I'm not sure if they are owners or shop manuals?

Thanks for the help!


Did you find a good shop manual? I have a 2003 yz 450 and like you find the owners manual somewhat helpful but limiting given my mech ability.

Let me know if you found a good one>

Based on experience, there is little, if anything, that is more inclusive, comprehensive, or accurate as the factory shop manuals for any given vehicle.

Having said that, the Yamaha Owners Manuals are very near to a full-on service manual, and while they don't include everything, they're very good.

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