How far can you go?

Hi there...

This might be a repeat question, but I can't find much through the search function.

What sort of distance do you folks get out of a tank of gas/petrol your WR400/426.

How about those with aftermarket large gas tanks?

I'm thinking about dual sporting the blue beast.. but distance between stops will be a determining factor.

Yep. Riding style has a bunch to do with it, if you want to include that for more reference, that'd be cool :)



I've got a Clarke YZ tank-3.3 gallons- and I got about 110 miles out of the tank once before I chickened out and filled it up. I have also hit reserve at 80 miles with the same tank. It depends on how hard I push the bike. I think the KL mod to my carb has helped a little with gas mileage.


Count on about 10km per liter of fuel if you are not mx-crossing


...also from Cow Town

With the stock WR tank, I have gone 80 miles before and never needed the reserve. I get about the same with the 3.3 IMS YZ tank. I have yet needed the reserve on any of my rides.

115 km to reserve with a stock tank on my 01. That's with a mix of tight woods, a bit of MX and some roads at a pretty agressive pace.

Stock tank on single track 110 miles/WR426F,2001

About 4 hours woods riding 90% in 3'rd gear or less and just into reserve! I'm getting a Panoram soon as my stock odo is toast...I'll let you know then !

When riding in Moab with the stock tank, I consistantly hit reserve at 65 miles. That's everything from high speed roads to nasty technical ledges.

At that point, I just head back to town with my fingers and toes crossed.


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