New 650l Owner Need Advice

I just purchased an 02 650l with 210 original miles. I was going to leave it stock but after riding 100 miles of dirt roads yesterday I discovered a horrible bog at wot and now the carb work shall begin. I've been reading about Daves carb upgrades and smog eliminator stuff for a whole day now. What I'd like to know is if I do the carb upgrades and smog removal work will the bike wake up ? It feels slow and sleepy and lacks throttle response.

Where do I purchase the IMS smog block off plates ? And where do I get the jets mentioned in Daves artice on ? Do I buy a Dynojet or JD jet kit ? It appears that a 58/158 or 160 is what I want to use, can I buy these from the local cycle gear or Honda dealer ?

I was riding an 02 DR4OOS before this bike and honestly the 400 felt stronger not to mention lighter. The 400 haD a full exhaust and jetting however.


Welcome to TT and the XR650L world, definatly do the Dave mods, you can get the block off kit and the jets here at the TT store. I personally wouldn't waste the money on the whole jet kit.

If the TT store doesn't have the jets in stock you can get them from :applause:

also a White Brothers slip on makes a HUGE differance

What jetting would be recommended for this bike when riding mostly altitudes of 1,000 feet up to 4,000 elevations.


55/158 would be good and Daves mods

55/158 would be good and Daves mods

Thanks :)

or just buy teh edelbrock now and get it over with.:)

better yet fcr 41!:)

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