carbon pro pics?

does any body have any pics of the white brothers carbon pro exhaust installed on their bike?

Yeah ive got one on my bike, ill get a pic for you tomorrow


Just put mine on, I will take new pics tomorrow, by the way I love this pipe, way better then the pro circuit t4 and of course better then stock.

Here you go, took them this morning, about 4 hours before I wodded up on a 80 foot double about breaking my back. The pipe is well worth the money IMO.




I hope you are ok - how bad did you wad up your ride?

wow nice bike. what rear tire is that? looks like it hooks up really well.

also how often are u soposed to repack the carbon pro 2?

Bike survived the crash much better then I did, Michelin M12 front and rear tires. I have always run Dunlop because my local shop sells them to me cheap, but after ridding on the M12's, I wont go back as they are awesome. Also I think you have to repack the carbon pro often as I have heard that they tend to split if you don't.

Did your pipe survive the crash undamaged? Havnt dropped mine yet so dont know how durable the carbon is.

Also how much did those rims cost you with the hubs?

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