Help find WR?

I've been looking awhile for a used WR400/426 and can't find any in the south/east. I live in Arkansas. Everyone out here has yzf400/426's for sale. I really wanted the WR so I can learn on it, then change the timing to the yzf as I got better. I've checked out and one other web site's ads for WR's. All the WR's seem to be on the west coast. Any help will be appreciated.


Im from SW Missouri and I see them for sale all the time.

go to Arkansas Hare Scrambles and click on "classifieds" and then scroll down. There is at least 2 wr400's for sale posted on there that are somewhere in your area.

They have been up for a little while so no telling if they are still there or not but it might be worth checking out. :)


p.s. Heres another one in the SW Missouri - Norther Ark area. Im not sure where this guy lives. here

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I saw a new 02'wr426 on Ebay..the current bid is at 4750$. I just typed in WR426 on the search key. Good luck.

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Be Patient; they will appear on cycle trader on a regular basis. The GA hardcopy edition of the Cycle Trader usually has at least two in there for sale.

A buddy of mine has an extremly clean, '98 model with incredibly low hours on it for sale I think. It has about $2000 in accessories on it (Baja Designs kit, BBR, Big Gun, Pro Taper, etc., etc.) I think he has ridden it one time in the year he has owned it. The original owner put maybe 150 miles on it, tops.

If interested, call Tim North 1-800-852-9439 or 770 4474555 days.

Atlanta, GA area.


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