Scott's stabalizers and applicable exhaust...

Two questions: A)How does the Scott's sterring stablizers attach to the frame/triple tree/whatever they attach to on an XR600R from somebody who has one and about how much do the cost? B)I'm trying to get a new exhaust for my 93' XR600R and I'm bidding on one on ebay, but I'm not sure if it will work on mine. The item description says the exhaust is for an 83' XR500, and would like4 to know if anyone has any idea if it might fit? It appears to be the same as mine, but the rear mounting point appears to be a little farther back than mine, anybody??? If it helps at all, it is a Supertrapp model #4MDR-3503, thanks in advance guys!

There is a specific mounting set up for the post, or you can get a weld-on one. As far as attaching the stabilizer, the top two bar clamps are replaced with a Scotts unit. For it to work right, the post has to be centered over the steering stem. For a bolt on, you're looking at $450. The weld on is $400. Where are you at in California.

Located in good ol' Sacramento, nate992v, where you at?

Contact Billet Racing Products and get one of their bolt on forward mount stabalizer post. They are a clean install and work pretty damn good.

here is one of their kits:

its $449 including the stabalizer and mounts.


if you are a taller guy, look at their "SUB" mount, I have one on my 650 and have loved it since day one. Raised the bars up to where they were actually comfortable when standing up not to mention the ease of use and not having to worry about your stabalizer being level ontop of the bar clamps.

Supplicate, thank you very much, that is exactly what I was looking for, a visual representaqtion of how they work, awesome brother. Anybody got anything for the exhaust question??? Anybody???

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