How often to change fork oil and put nitrogen in rear shock?

How often should you change the oil in the front forks? And when should you put a squirt of nitrogen in the rear shock?

Fork Oil - 1x year

Nitrogen - I try to top it off every year....not sure when it "needs" it though

The guy who revalved my forks and shock said they should both (forks and shock) be taken apart once a year for inspections, cleaning, and new fluid. I'd say thats good advice.

Yea that was what I was thinking! I guess that is what I will do>>> Does any of you guys know of any good suspension places I could send mine to when this racing season is over to have mine redone at a reasonable cost.I would like to have mine set up for my riding style.

Hello, i change my fork oil every 30 hours and it makes a huge difference. The shock oil will be changed once a year. Bike 426 01.

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