xr600 better gearing for slow speeds

if i wanted to change my sprockets so my bike will not bog at slower speeds what should i change the front or rear sprocket and to how many teeth. thanks.

any other mods i could do to help my bike at slower speeds ? I don't mean repair related the bike is in great running order.

I'm running a 13 front and a 52 rear on my 96 600r. It's really more manageable at the slower speeds.

From stock gearing, go down ont tooth on the front. Works great for me....

thanks guys. always lots of help on this forum. :)

14/45 works wonders for me. I never have any low/mid end problems and can top out at around 85-90

15/45 for the street

14/45 for the roads/trails

13/45 for the tight stuff

Only takes 5 minutes to change, anyway.

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