Famous 05 wr450 STARTER!!

Has anyone experienced the grinding of the armature spindle (starter) where it meets the torque limiter ....it seemed to grind the metal off the gear of the starter so bad that it doesn't come into contact with the limiter....so the starter just spins but the limiter is not moving...:bonk:

Also the starter gear seems to have a little play on the shaft when sliding it towards the motor...it spins freely oneway and engages when turned the other...:ride:

The torque limiter larger gear has little wear on it where it meets the spindle of the starter....just seems like the spindles metal is softer??

How can one tell if the torque limiter is doing it job or not??:)

Would a bad starter clutch have anything to do with this?

Also would this be just a poor starter and just replace it for 288 smacks!!:D


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