Rekluse dual actuated brake problem

I just put mine together for my '06 450 and it is leaking at the foot brake master cylinder when you squeeze the rear hand brake. I think the problem is with the o-ring that goes in the bottom of the foot brake master cylinder. This is the o-ring going into the foot brake master cylinder.


This is the representation of what the o-ring should look like as it sits on a ledge at the bottom of the cylinder.


After I put the o-ring in there it almost fits perfectly but not quite. It appears that the 0-ring is slightly too large so that there is a small spot where it is bowed out and doesn't sit tight against the cylinder wall.

I'm just wondering if any one else had this problem and what they did to fix it.

Where is the leak coming from? The cover, the rod boot, or the line fitting?

In looking over the '06 manual, I don't see an O-ring of any kind shown except one that appears to be either built in to the cover seal, or used in conjunction with it. There is nothing for an O-ring to seal at the bottom of the reservoir in any case, and it apparently has no business being there.

The leak is coming from the new reservoir cap, between the cap and rear brake master cylinder. The o-ring comes with the rekluse brake kit. You remove the stock reservoir cap and diaphragm and replace them with a supplied rekluse 0-ring, and Adapter Sleeve. The adapter sleeve acts as the new cap and is also the attachment point for the banjo bolt for the new brake line for the hand brake.

Here is the adapter sleeve going into the master cylinder, although its not a picture of the 450's master cylinder, you get the picture.


This is what the finished product looks like. This picture is for the stock nissin master cylinder that goes with the yz.


Are you sure you did't tear the O-ring? On my WR250f, I got it as close as I could with tools, then gently used the new part to push it into place--it took a couple of tries, but when it seated correctly it was obvious and the o-ring laid quite flat. Only then did I thghten it all down.


I called rekluse and found out that there is 3 different size o-rings. They sent me the large one when it should have been the medium. I guess it was an understandable mistake because I first ordered only the rear hand brake, and was planning on doing away with the foot brake. But after a couple of rides I didn't like not having the foot brake so I called and upgraded to the dual system. 2 different orders make it more likely for a mistake to happen. They are sending out some new o-rings, so all is good.

My bad. I didn't realize you were not using the OEM master cylinder.

I also have a rekluse and I have been having rear hand brake issues that I have yet to explain. I seem to be having issues where when the bike is off the brake has plenty of pressure at the left hand, but when the bike is running and you are on the trail it seems to have little to no pressure. I zip tied the rear hand brake and bled the brake some to see if there was any air in the line and I thought it would be fine...still having the same issue though.

Rotor bent?

I did the same first bought hand brake only then upgraded to the dual actuated. I had same issues with the O ring and being it was a week end I went to the local hardware store and purchased several different sizes. I found one that worked the best was slightly thicker and slightly smaller since the one sent seemed too large and wouldn't lay flat. And what a bleeding nightmare it seemed to be but here's a great trick I found, While having your lever zip tied make sure your brake line doesn't have any high points to trap the bubbles and even elevate your front wheel if need be so all air bubbles can travel to the hand mastercylinder. Next most importantly I used an orbital sander without paper to vibrate the brake line and make the bubbles travel quickly and in just a few minute It was perfect.

Wait, why are you guys using a hand brake?

Do I hear some stunt action on a yz?!?!

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