got my kouba today in the mail.....

now I have to figure out how to put the damn thing on.

and by the way, thanks much NH Kevin, we all appreciate you hard work.



Got mine too Kevin. Thanks for the effort. Same here, need to figure out how to get it on. I'll probably wait until I can find the EKQ needle.

Thanks, Doug



Thanks a ton! I sure wasn't expeciting that surprise in the mail! I love cool little tools like that!

KerryT and I are tearing our bikes apart tomorrow in my garage - tunes, beers & bikes. I'll let you know how the install goes.

CA$H is in the mail today! Thanks again buddy!


This is a gift from me to you for all your help on my Moab 2000 ride!!

Save your money!!

Too Bad :D Just got back in from the mail box! :)


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