426 parts

I would like to ask everyone's opinioin on my current situation. I have a '00 yz 426 with a thrashed top end, blown rear shock and smashed, but functional, radiators. I am torn between parting out the bike for dinero towards a new one or finding the parts off other parted machines. For a used engine, shock and radiators it would cost in the vicinity of 1k so im not so sure its worth the investment. If anyone has an opinion about the best route to take i would greatly appreciate your comments. also, if anyone has the parts i need please PM me or post here.


Tough call. Shock and radiators arent cheap even if you found them off another parts bike you would still have to tear down the shock for inspection and its a craps shoot if the seller of the radiators say they are fine but you get em and they leak. PERSONALLY i would probably part it and use the cash towards a newer bike.

A radiator shop can fix up your radiators, a shock can be rebuilt. The big question here is what exactly does 'thrashed top end' mean? Can you rebuild it yourself or would you pay a shop? Is the head wasted and need to be replaced? Is the tranny in good shape?

Sent you a PM.

Have the rads repaired-$50 depending on damage

Shock rebuild-$100 depending on damage, and parts needed.

Rebuilding engine from crank up getting parts from TT Store-$450.

I'd fix up your current bike. You'd learn all about your bike, and save a lot of money in the process. :)

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