04 Wrf450 Leaking Gas

I have a 2004 wrf450 and every time i stop it leaks gas even

when I turn the gas off, some times if i rev it high before stoping

it wont leak. Do I have a bad jet or petcock HELP GAS ANT CHEAP:cry: :)

If it's leaking out the overflow tube on the carb then you need to check your float height or the needle and/or seat may be worn. If you close the petcock it would normally stop once the float bowl has emptied.

yup. i would agree.

i would check the float needle for wear or some debris that is causing it not to seat properly.

I turned the gas off and took off the tank and the gas shut off is not working

I took the petcock apart and it is broken in side so i orderd that,

now on the carb can i get to the float needel with out taking the carb all the way off?

It would be much easier to adjust the float by taking the carb off....its just a few more things to take off. While you have it off, you can easily inspect the whole bowl to see if there's dirt or worn parts....I would really advise taking it off.

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